About oil + air

Welcome to oil + air
Allow myself to introduce... myself!

My name is Sam, + here are some facts about me:
+ I live in the beautiful south west region of WA
+ I am powered by wine (how can I resist? I can see a vineyard from my window!)
+ I collect records, wear too much eyeliner, + am a night owl
+ I'm a fan of Keanu Reeves (but who isn't?!)
+ I believe that all skirts should have pockets


I started this company because the essential oil industry is having a bit of a moment, but I was having trouble trying to buy a diffuser or some oils without being pushed into MLM + contracts + upsells. While I am obviously cool with people doing what feels right to them, I just am not THAT MUCH of an enthusiast that it made sense for me to sign up to things. I like cheaper options + no pressure sales. So here I am, with oil + air, offering you just that!

oil + air

A bit more 'proper' bio stuff:
oil + air is an Aussie company that specialises in essential oil diffusers + accessories, + I offer free shipping on EVERYTHING!

I'll be adding heaps more products in the coming months, + there may be a special or two coming up, so chuck your deets in the newsletter signup at the bottom of the page.

Don't forget to follow me on Facey and Insta too, cos there will DEFINITELY be a comp running soon. Woohoo!